Conversion Audit & Optimize

$1,499.99 / month

Conversion Optimization is the process of evaluating why users are not converting on your website or landing page and then testing that hypothesis with creative solutions, like A/B testing. This product includes the Conversion Audit, an analysis of your current website or landing page, along with the detailed testing of a specific page. The A/B tests splits the website traffic between the current design and the new design. The result is recommended changes to the design elements that are tested with statistical confidence.
For example: Making the following changes to the text, colors and page layout will have a 30% lift in conversions at a 90% statistical confidence. This means if it costs $100 for each sale or lead then there is a 90% chance that with these changes, the cost per acquisition will drop to $70 dollars per sale or lead.
Every site is different but the average lift can range from 20% to 40% or more. Testing over time can increase the whole conversion funnel, doubling leads and sales.