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Facebook Ad Campaign



Start getting real results from your Facebook ad campaigns!


Facebook Ad Campaign Return On Ad Spend

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Facebook Ad Campaign 1


Locally Targeted Campaign With Interest Targeting

Target Local Consumers Who Are Most Likely To Be Receptive To Your Offer

Facebook Ad Campaign Cost: $499 – Does not include ad spend.

  • Location Targeting To Target Consumers In A Specific Location
  • Interest Targeting To Further Segment Those Consumers By Their Behaviors
  • Innovative Bidding Strategies To Identify Optimization Opportunities
  • Optimization To Maximize ROI While Lowering CPL and CPS.
Facebook Ads Remarketing Campaign - Facebook Ad Campaign


Facebook Ads Remarketing Campaign

Re-engage With Consumers Who Fell Out Of Your Funnel and Guide Consumers Through Your Funnel

Facebook Ad Campaign Cost: $499 – Does not include ad spend.

  • Target Existing Customers
  • Reach Potential Consumers Who Fell Out Of Your Sales Funnel
  • Guide Consumers Through Your Sales Funnel.

Must have the Facebook pixel installed and at least 1 remarketing audience already created and ready for advertising. Need help with Facebook pixel installation?

Facebook Ads Conversion Optimization Campaign - Facebook Ad Campaign


Facebook Ads Conversion Optimization Campaign

Utilize Your Facebook Tracking Pixel To Maximize Conversions

Facebook Ad Campaign Cost: $499 – Does not include ad spend.

  • Purchase Conversion Optimization To Maximize Purchases
  • Checkout Conversion Optimization To Maximize Checkouts
  • Add To Cart Conversion Optimization To Maximize Cart Adds
  • Lead Conversion Optimization To Maximize Leads.
  • Dynamic Events That Are Custom Created Based Upon Multiple User Actions/Behaviors.

Must have the Facebook pixel installed and at least 1 conversion event already created and live. Need help with your Facebook pixel installation?

Facebook Ads Remarketing Campaign - Facebook Ad Campaign


Targeted Bucket Campaign

Take Your Facebook Advertising To The Next Level With 3 Highly Segmented Campaigns

Facebook Ad Campaign Cost: $2,499.99 – Does not include ad spend.

  • Segmented Prospecting Campaign To Identify and Convert New Leads Based Upon Specific Actions and Behaviors
  • Segmented Remarketing Campaign To Convert Users Throughout Various Stages Of The Funnel
  • Segmented Customers Campaign To Reach Existing Customers With Personalized Messaging For Repeat Sales
  • Innovative Bidding Strategies To Identify Optimization Opportunities

Our Targeted Bucket Campaigns are setup for maximum profitability and longevity! You must have the Facebook pixel already installed and live on your website. We will create the audiences required if need be, but the conversion events must be live and data available. Facebook Pixel Installation Help?

Auto Pilot My Facebook Ads - Facebook Ad Campaign


Auto Pilot My Facebook Ads

Our Complete Facebook Advertising Package

Facebook Ad Campaign Cost: $4,999.99 – Does not include ad spend.

Everything Is Done For You From A to Z!

  • Pixel installation on your website, with all of the correct conversion events created and properly tracked
  • All custom audiences and lookalike audiences are created for you
  • Segmented Prospecting Campaign To Identify and Convert New Leads Based Upon Specific Actions and Behaviors
  • Segmented Remarketing Campaign To Convert Users Throughout Various Stages Of The Funnel
  • Segmented Customers Campaign To Reach Existing Customers With Personalized Messaging For Repeat Sales
  • Innovative Bidding Strategies To Identify Optimization Opportunities

You do not need to have anything installed on your website, we will take care of setting up everything from pixel installation to creating 3 targeted bucket campaigns.

Interest Based Advertising connects businesses to individuals in real-time with messages specifically tailored to them based on data.

Not long ago a story circulated the internet about a man who utilized Facebook ads powerful and precise targeting to make it so no one saw his ad he specifically tailored to his girlfriend, asking her to marry him!  This was accomplished and the ad was display only to her, among 1,000,000,000+ Facebook users!  The point is, that with the right data, anything is possible for your business.

Facebook is generating exponentially more advertising revenue than any other social platform.  The reason is that it actually works!  The average American user spends forty minutes per day on Facebook, other users from around the world spend 20 minutes.  Not only that, but users willfully give crucial marketing data to Facebook through their profile, likes and dislikes, and many other interactions on and off of Facebook.

By properly utilizing this data with other data compiled it is possible to create sustainable Facebook advertising campaigns.  Your customers live in the digital reality of Facebook, if you are not bidding for their attention, you are leaving money on the table for your competitors.

Facebook Ad Campaign

Almost one third of the global population use Facebook. It is a platform that is popular with types of people from all different walks of life. There are so many different cultures and subcultures that are consolidated on Facebook, and its users come in every shape and size under the sun. This is why it is one of the best possible ways for you to advertise your business. By running a successful advertising campaign on Facebook, you are opening up your business to potentially millions of people. You can tailor your campaign so that it reaches the ones who are going to be the best fit for both you and your company, and vice versa. This is a fantastic way to ensure that both you and your new customers are completely satisfied with your experience.

The accessibility and popularity of Facebook also makes it a very competitive market to use for advertising. How exactly can you reach people when there are so many other voices doing just the same thing? It’s simple enough to set up a campaign on Facebook, but does this make it effective? If you want to ensure that you get the best possible results out of a Facebook campaign, then why waste your time on experimenting with software and gadgets while your potential customers are looking elsewhere? Our team at Digital Marketing Web Design offers comprehensive, expert guidance for Facebook campaigns, which can help you put your best foot forward on the world’s most popular social media platform. Working with us may be the change that you need to seriously kickstart your advertising on Facebook and draw in a whole new stream of clients and traffic.

Facebook CBO

Facebook has become more and more useful and versatile as a platform for advertising as more businesses have begun to use the platform as a means of reaching a wider audience and wider clientele. There are many new features on the Facebook advertising platform, and they are constantly being updated and improved upon. One such feature is CBO, which stands for Campaign Budget Optimization. The idea behind this feature is that the budget which you allocate to your advertising campaign can be used in many different ways, and that CBO determines to a large extent what portion of your budget should go to which element of your campaign.

The CBO feature responds to the traffic and attention your campaign gets, by allocating and shifting funding as and when it is needed. There are also other features which are intended to optimize the allocation of your funding as much as possible. While this sounds quite simple in the abstract, it can be quite a complex process to work with the algorithms. It’s also available to anybody else who uses Facebook for advertising, so it’s not enough to just use the CBO features that the platform offers. You need to understand exactly how they work in order to get the best results from them, and subsequently ensure that your business is the one that stands out.


That is where we come in. Digital Marketing Web Design offers comprehensive support and guidance for all aspects of CBO features, and can help you set up your campaign from the ground up, or we can adjust it as needed to maximize your potential returns and traffic with the help of CBO features and software.

Facebook Advertising Campaign

Do you advertise your business on Facebook at all? If not, and you haven’t thought about it, why not? Almost 1/3 of the world’s population use Facebook. What’s more, it is currently being made more and more optimized as a platform for advertising, thanks to the innovative development and refinement that it consistently undergoes. Facebook have shown that they are committed to cornering as much of their market as possible, and their market is global. Can the same be said for you and your business?

Facebook provides a fantastic opportunity to reach an enormous range and breadth of people through advertising. A successful campaign on Facebook can allow you to reach far more people than would be possible on most platforms, and this is something that translates directly into more traffic and customers for your business. Maybe this is something that sounds appealing to you, but you aren’t sure where to start? That’s where we come in. At Digital Marketing Web Design, we offer comprehensive support and evaluation of Facebook advertising, and we can help you set something up from scratch, or otherwise optimize what you have already done. More than 2 billion people use Facebook. Why wait?

Facebook Ad Campaign 2

Facebook Ad Campaign 3

Facebook Marketing Campaign

As more and more people make social media a regular and fundamental part of their lives, more and more businesses are using these same platforms to reach a broader range of business and clientele.

Facebook is a fantastic platform to use to reach an incredible number and variety of people from all around the world. Maybe you want to keep it more local? That works, too. The platform’s advertising features are highly customizable, and it can be refined and tailored so that they perfectly suit your needs and aspirations.

At Digital Marketing Web Media, we have a package for Facebook advertising that includes support and anything else that you might need to get the most out of advertising on Facebook. If your campaign needs an overhaul, we can help you with that. If you want to make a Facebook campaign from scratch, we can help you with that, too. Our team is specialized in working with Facebook advertising and can ensure that you stand out amongst your competitors on the platform.

Facebook Campaign

Do you use Facebook? Many Americans do. In fact, the average American spends around 40 minutes per day on Facebook. This might not seem that interesting to you, unless you consider the fact that Facebook also offers advertising. Some have doubted the efficacy of the in-built advertising features that the platform supports, but the results speak for themselves. Facebook generates more revenue through advertising than any other platform. More people use Facebook, and they give more of their personal data to the platform. This allows for a tailored and bespoke advertising style to be delivered to every individual.

Why not make the most of this? If your company doesn’t already advertise on Facebook, and you are looking to diversify or reach a greater audience, then we can certainly recommend the platform as a great place way to generate traffic towards and interest in your business. Facebook offers many different features, which can let you customize and tailor your ad in terms both presentation and scope. However, these features are potentially available to anybody who advertises on Facebook. How are you going to distinguish yourself from your competition?

We can help with that. Digital Marketing Web Media has a team of dedicated and experienced experts who work with Facebook every day. We know what works and what doesn’t, and how you can get yourself noticed on Facebook, even among a sea of other businesses. If you want to ensure the best results from your Facebook campaign, then our services and support can help you do that.

Facebook Lead Generation Campaign

How many lead ads do you currently have for your business on Facebook? If the answer is none, why? Lead ads are a very effective way to generate new traffic towards and interest in your business. They let you gather information from people, like prospective customers, and this can help you to reach out to them in the future, as well as a greater range of people in general. There are many different ways to make lead ads, in fact. You can use forms, which is standard, and which people fill out and send back to you. Maybe you want to start a program and get people to enroll, or maybe you want to distribute a brochure that you have produced? A lead ad is the best way to do so.



Facebook Ad Campaign 4

This might sound complicated or confusing. It doesn’t have to be. Our services are designed to support all kinds of Facebook advertising, with lead ads being one of them. We support businesses in a way that is comprehensive and tailored to their exact needs. If you want help designing and distributing a lead ad, then we can help you with that. On the other hand, if you want us to make your ad for you, we can do that too. We work closely with our clients to ensure the best possible results for them and their venture, whatever it may be.

Facebook Campaign Types

This is an exciting time to be in advertising. Advertising probably doesn’t sound exciting to most people, but it is to us. That’s because we are passionate about our field and the services we offer. At Digital Marketing Web Media, we offer comprehensive services for advertising on Facebook of all different kinds. There are many different kinds of ads on Facebook, and these can bridge the gap between you and your customers in a myriad of different ways.

Facebook Ad Campaign 5

You can create visual ads, like with a video or a photo. If you want to try to find new customers or interest in a service that you offer, you can use lead generation advertising. You can create an ad that intends to inspire passion in people, or to spur people on to using your product or service. Whatever the case may be, we can, through our expert services and support, help you to find the best possible style for you and your business or venture, and help you to get the most out of the platform.

Facebook Ads Campaign Service

Facebook is more popular than ever as a platform for advertising, and for good reason. Almost 3 billion people use Facebook, and a successful campaign on the platform can reach millions more than a poster on your street would. This is why we offer our services to people who want to get the most out of their advertising budget. At Digital Marketing Web Design, we have a team of experienced advertising experts, who specialize in Facebook and the services that it offers.

If you are serious about reaching as many people as you can with your advertising, then Facebook is a great option. On the other hand, if you want to reach a group that is more specific, or tailor your advertising in some way, Facebook can allow you to do that, too. The services that it offers are incredibly varied, letting you do more and go further with your campaign than you could on any other platform. If you haven’t advertised on Facebook yet, what are you waiting for? The results speak for themselves, and they keep on getting better.

One of the reasons that we recommend that our customers advertise on Facebook is that it really works. Thanks to the sheer number of users on the platform, your campaign is going to be seen by a far greater number of people than essentially anywhere else. Moreover, the platform is continuously refining the service it provides to advertisers, basing these changes on cutting-edge research and data. This means that your ad is going to be part of a service that is based on evidence and results. We know Facebook’s advertising services inside and out, and we know what you need to do to get the most out of them. Contact us today to see how our team can support you through the whole process, to ensure that your ad is the one that people see first, and that it’s the one that captures their attention best.

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Start getting real results from your Facebook ads campaigns!

Facebook Ad Campaign Return On Ad Spend


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