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Think your website design choices are working? Consider these stats:

If your WordPress website doesn’t meet these security, responsiveness or speed metrics, then you need a new WordPress web design service.

Metrics matter

These days, people are impatient, easily distracted, and hot about data breaches and identity theft. They expect their online marketplace to have their backs while providing every possible product option as fast as they can think of new ones. Designing your site to achieve these metrics should be your primary goal if you intend to keep your existing customers happy and attract new ones.

It’s tomorrow already! Does your website rate by tomorrow’s standards?

Even if your site started out on top, if your numbers are slipping, it may be because your website design is stale. All website design factors, even WordPress website design factors, get old, and if your design features and elements look old, so will your site. Your site visitors will notice, too.

  • They’ll notice how slowly your pages load and will look for another site that moves faster.
  • They’ll get frustrated if they can’t find what they’re looking for right now.
  • If there’s even a whiff of insecure data management, you can forget about them altogether.

We rise to the challenge

At Digital Marketing Web Design, our WordPress website designers look for challenges that you can’t see. For example:

  • If your ranking is low, we’ll help you identify why and fix the problem.
  • If your pages are slow, or you’re not sure about security, we are here to solve your issue.
  • If you just haven’t had the time or don’t have the expertise to review your site for optimization or security, try one of our professional web design services packages to tune it up, improve your metrics, and raise your ranks.

At Digital Marketing Web Design, we provide custom WordPress website design services, and our full-service WordPress website design agency can not only fix your website design problems but prevent new ones while maximizing the speed, responsiveness and security of your website. By doing so, we will enhance the user experience of your target market, so customers not only find your site but return to it over and over again.

How strong is your online presence? 

Does your competitor dominate the internet for your industry or do you?

During the customer’s purchasing experience, 40% of all sales in-store are going to be web-influenced by the year 2021.

Dominate your industry online!


Crucial Elements of Web Design

  1. User Experience Design (UX): A logical UX will allow the user to find what they are searching for immediately.  When actions are obvious to the user, they will understand what to do with the information provided to them.  A proper UX will allow the user to quickly recognize the natural flow of the website and are much more likely to interact for a longer duration or complete the desired actions.
  2. User Friendly User Interface:  A useful UI will provide an exceptional navigational structure that contributes to a positive user experience.  Every page of a website should have a clear and concise path for users to take without distractions.  Navigational elements should always remain unencumbered.
  3. Information Architecture + Modern Design: Individuals prefer to see objects in motion.  IA’s entire focus is positioning content in a practical and advantageous way.  Modern design is utilized to augment the aesthetic quality of the information architecture.  The website is created to guide the user seamlessly to complete the desired action(s) by creatively organizing information in such a way that directs the user.

The foundation for your success online is the quality of your website.