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What Does Ecommerce Design Involve?

Ecommerce Design is the development of a website that connects the consumers with the sellers and consumers with the products. Ecommerce Design has many definitions but not all of them are alike.

Ecommerce Design is defined as the integration of consumer goods and services with the web using technologies such as Java, XHTML, CSS, etc. In other words, it defines the websites which can be integrated with any product from any store using the Internet. This type of website has many benefits over an ecommerce shop because it offers a great opportunity to a retail chain to develop brand identity in front of its customer base. Another important benefit is that it enables the company to gather sufficient information about their clients needs and wants so that they can provide a better service.

The good news is that the internet has helped in making the process easy. It is not that difficult to build a website like this but it needs a lot of time and talent.

What you need to know first is that in order to make your website successful, you need to have a very good design and get professional help from an expert. This would enable you to start your business with a proper design.

Ecommerce design starts with the conceptualization stage. The webmaster then creates a whiteboard so that he or she can present all the aspects of the concept to be included in the website. After conceptualizing the whole website and gets the product including, the next step is to create the visual design and layout of the site which will be focused on the purpose of the website and different functions of the website.

There are two levels of design required for the site. The first level of the design includes the images and graphics, which are supposed to have good impact on the visitors while the second level includes the navigation links of the site. All the related images are supposed to be embedded on the homepage and they are supposed to be displayed in an attractive manner so that the site attracts visitors.

Every web designer starts with the concept, puts all the related images on the homepage and asks the designer to come up with a layout for the website. The web designer develops the layout by coding the HTML structure and sends this to the developer who comes up with the code which can be used in the website.

The HTML codes need to be converted into common graphic file formats and sent to the online developer. The website designer creates the HTML code and also makes sure that the layout is web friendly and that the users will not encounter any problems while navigating through the website.

The web designer also designs the codes which are required to make the shopping cart system of the website functional. At this point, the designer informs the developer about the requirements of the business and the requirements will be incorporated in the web design.

In the next step, the designer will tell the developer about the design of the website which will include the color scheme, the fonts, the kind of buttons and borders and the unique appearance of the site. This will be the final form which the designer creates.

Nowadays, most of the leading companies employ some team to do the task of Ecommerce Design. The Ecommerce Design team includes a web designer, a backend developer, a database developer, an intuitive designer, an online marketing guru, an author and an event planner.

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