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Effortless Marketing Automation That Generates Leads and Sales While You Sleep!

Build a chat bot to automate practically anything!

Robot Chat Messenger Bot is more than just a Facebook messenger bot, it is a Facebook marketing suite.

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“If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.”

Warren Buffet

CEO, Berkshire Hathaway

Are you tired of constantly trying to keep up and answer customers on email, messenger, or posts on Facebook day and night?

Have you noticed how your competition is able to reply to customers regardless of the day or time?

Are you tired of trying to continually market your product and keep up with the competition?

Meet Robot Chat Messenger Bot

Your fully automated solution for marketing your business as well as maintaining constant contact with leads and customers.

“Using Robot chat messenger bot to automatically tell users in messenger about new blog posts or content on my site, then retargeting them with the Facebook pixel to sell them my products related to the content.  Robot chat messenger bot makes reaching my audience easier than ever before”

Jamie Peterson

“This is a one of a kind tool that allows me to focus on other areas of marketing.”

Rahim Moduri

“I love robot chat and how I can add people who comment on my posts to my messenger leads list!”

Gary Alkton

Available in 12 different languages!

Such as Bengali, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, and Vietnamese.

The First Truly Unlimited Service Of Its’ Kind! Add Unlimited Facebook Accounts, Pages, and Websites To Robot Chat Messenger Bot!

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Simply import your account into the application & you are ready to begin marketing to potential leads & engaging with them as well as customers while you sleep!


Some of the best features within the Robot Chat Messenger Bot app are the lead generation tools.

When properly utilized the tools can build a huge lead list for your pages.

Powerful features such as Auto Private Reply & Auto Comment Reply For Posts.


The get your latest posts & enable auto reply button will show you, your latest posts for that page & you can enable auto reply on that page for specific posts or even create a fully automated Facebook messenger bot.

You can also enable private reply or comment reply by clicking the “Enable reply by post ID” button.

Facebook Lead Generation

You now have the ability to engage with potential leads and customers through auto-reply commenting or messaging on your posts!

Facebook Auto-Reply Reports

You can see page-wise comment & response report by clicking the “View Report” button.

Facebook Marketing Tools

Clicking the “Enable Auto Reply” to enable it on any particular post. You can send a generic message or you can send filtered based messages.

You can add up to 10 filtering options. Each filtering option can contain comma separated words or sentence fields and a message field.

Facebook Messenger Leads

Anyone who comments on this post will get the message in their inbox (for private replies) and get a comment on the post (for comment replies).

You can choose whether you want a private reply or a comment reply or both.

Utilize both to make sure your message is seen and make your posts go viral!

Facebook Chat Bot

Generate a “Message Us” button for your Facebook page and embed one line of HTML code to display the button on your website.

Clicking this button will take your website visitors to your Facebook page.

When they send you a message they will be in your lead list.

You can customize your Message Us button by uploading a custom image.

Facebook Advertising Campaign Automation Facebook marketers often spend on Facebook advertising. Ad support is available with our private inbox action. It requires a JSON script to do so. This tool will generate the JSON script needed for this type of advertising action. Anyone who clicks on the ad will receive the message in his or her inbox. You can embed images, links, emojis and more within the message! You can see the live preview in the adjacent right window.

Marketing Automation For Facebook To create a new CTA campaign click the “New CTA Post Campaign” button.

You will get the create campaign form. Type a message and paste a link like (

The system will grab the link details like preview image, title, description and automatically show you how it will look on Facebook after you publish it.

You can change the preview image link, change title or description.

You can also upload any preview image if you want. This post will have a “Send Message” button in the bottom right position.

You can see the live preview.

Anyone who sends a message will be in your lead list.

1. You can choose where to post among your pages. CTA post can only be posted in pages.

2. You can enable auto share and choose among your timeline or pages to share the post. It will be automatically shared.

3. You can enable auto like. It will be automatically liked by all your pages.

4. You can enable auto private reply, which means after you publish this post, when anyone comments on this post, he or she will get a private message.

5. You can enable auto comment , which means after you publish this post, anyone who comments will receive a commented response from you.

6. You can schedule the campaign now or later. If you choose to schedule it later then you have to enter the time and timezone.

2 way facebook messenger

Use our new 2-way chat plugin to allow users to send and receive messages inside of your webpage!

Messenger Bot

Deliver Quality Automated Customer Service With A Personal Feel With Our Messenger Bot!

Messenger Bot Benefits

There are many benefits to using Robot Chat Messenger Bot.

The biggest benefit being more leads and customers!

Use our auto-reply commenter and messenger to build a lead list that will outperform your email lists!

Bring the feel of your website to Facebook messenger and with our tools, you can directly integrate them both together.

You need Robot Chat Messenger Bot!

We have not even covered all of the features available in this powerful marketing automation app!

Robot Chat Messenger Bot Features

Never before have you been able to generate, engage, and convert leads like this, all while you sleep!

In order to maintain quality, Robot Chat Messenger Bot only has limited spots available, order now and secure your spot.

Once these spaces are filled, the doors will be closed to new users!

Did we mention that you can now auto-reply with Videos, GIFs, and Images? Our platform is ahead of the competition and we do not impose account limitations.

Take your business to the next level, automate your marketing, customer engagement and retention today with Robot Chat Messenger Bot!

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