Story Reference List

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Emma Watson hits back at critics over ‘topless’ photo shoot

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[7] Koronoswki, Ryan (March 24, 2017) ’68 Times Trump Promised to Repeal Obamacare’

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[9] Jacobs, Jennifer (March 6, 2017) ‘White House Refuses to Explain Trump’s Obama Wiretap Claims’

[10] Lawler, Kelly (March 20, 2017) ‘Beauty and the Beast’s Gay Moment May Have Been Much Ado about Nothing’

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[12] Vasagar, Jeevan (March 15, 2017) ‘Disney Withdraws Beauty and the Beast in Malaysia’

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[16] White, Chelsea (Drake Admits He Sends Drunk Texts to Jennifer Lopez on New Album’

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[20] Brandle, Lars (March 3, 2017) ‘Ed Sheeran’s Divide Album Has Dropped’

[21] Pell, Mike (March 4, 2017) ‘Ed Sheeran Has Sold 232,000 Copies of Divide in One Day’

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Emma Watson Responds to Controversy Over Vanity Fair Photoshoot

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[32] Daly, Rhian (March 4, 2017) ‘Remy Ma Says She Didn’t Target Nicki Minaj on Diss Track’

Remy Ma says she didn’t ‘target’ Nicki Minaj on diss track ‘shETHER’

[33] Kristy, Johnson (March 15, 2017) ‘Three Different Girls and a Man Claim They Got Intimate with Justin Bieber’

[34] Bacardi, Francesca (March 3, 2017) ‘Drunk Ed Sheeran Hit Justin Bieber in the Head with a Golf Club’

[35] Koman, Tess (March 13, 2017) ‘So Here’s Justin Bieber Telling a Fan She Makes Him Sick’

[36] Nessif, Bruna (May 11, 2016) ‘Sorry Fans, Justin Bieber Will No Longer Take Pictures with You’

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[40] Butler, Bethonie (March 20, 2017) ‘Kim Talks about Her Harrowing Paris Robbery’

[41] Nahman, Haley (Oct 3, 2016) ‘No, Kim Kardashian Did Not Deserve to Get Robbed’

Actually, No, Kim Kardashian Did Not “Deserve to Get Robbed”

[42] Johns, Gibson (March 30, 2017) ‘Kim Kardashian Receives Heart Breaking News about Having a Third Child’

[43] Fahey, Nicola (Dec 25, 2016) ‘Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s Marriage Is Over’

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s marriage is ‘over’ as she’s seen WITHOUT her wedding ring and bars him from Christmas bash

[44] Kerr, Chloe (Nov 22, 2016) ‘Kanye West Taken to Hospital for Psychiatric Evaluation’

Kanye West taken to hospital ‘for psychiatric evaluation’ just hours after he cancels Saint Pablo tour following epic on stage rant

[45] Croffey, Amy (March 15, 2017) ‘Kanye West’s Baby Cousin Dies’

[46] Jefferson, J’Naa (March 24, 2017) ‘Kanye West Settles Lawsuit Over New Slaves Sample’

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