5 Proven Ways to Automate Your Company's Marketing

5 Proven Ways To Automated Your Companys Marketing


Question: What did the marketing manager say to the CEO? Answer: “You can’t get blood out of a stone.”


You thought there was a joke coming, right? Well, marketing is no joke when marketers are under almost constant pressure to deliver more with fewer resources.


But it’s not all bad news. In fact, with the right automation tools, managing several marketing initiatives at the same time can actually be a highly rewarding experience.


Marketing automation software has the power to generate leads, drive conversions and grow the bottom line. And used correctly, this essential business tool can make you a legend in your own marketing department — even if that department consists of just you.


Marketing automation delivers tangible results in many different ways, but here are five of the most exciting.

1. Enhance Customer Personalization with Profiling


Stop treating your consumers like they’re just numbers on a balance sheet — they don’t like that. Add a personal touch to your communications by utilizing detailed customer profiles created by automation software.


Divide your consumers into their relevant demographic groups, and tailor marketing messages that resonate. This way, you’re not wasting time and effort sending the wrong signals to the wrong people.

2. Make Multi-Channel Campaigns More Efficient


When did the average consumer become so technically astute? Gone are the days when marketing meant putting a few ads in local newspapers. People now access information from smartphones, laptops and tablets. But it gets even more complex than that, as some people still surf the web, some are addicted to social media and some hop from channel to channel.


Modern marketing needs to reflect a multi-channel consumer universe, but that’s not easy when a marketing department consists of nothing more than a rickety chair and a three-legged desk. Marketing automation software can manage several campaigns at the same time — across many different channels, platforms and devices.

3. Improve Customer Retention

Improve Customer Retention


In many industries, winning customers is actually the easiest aspect of marketing. It’s often customer retention where marketers struggle. This is a real issue in the world of digital marketing, as long periods of inactivity or abandoned shopping carts are difficult to catch before it’s too late.


Fortunately, leaving customer retention in the digital hands of marketing automation software can drastically increase retention rates. The latest systems detect potential problems and deliver timely messages to remind consumers about their potential purchases.

4. Create a Valuable Database


In marketing, it’s often a case of who you know, not what you know. Whenever a consumer engages with your website or social media channels, they provide you with potentially valuable information. But you need to know it’s there, how to find it and how to store it. OK, that’s not strictly true — marketing automation software will do it for you. In no time, you’ll have a database of potential customers that will make your marketing campaigns more fruitful than ever.

5. Standardize Conversion Strategies

Standardize Conversion Events


Visitors don’t pay the rent — buyers do. You could have the most popular website in your industry, but if it’s not inspiring people to fully engage, all your efforts could be for nothing. Use marketing automation software to help you turn leads into sales. And instead of taking an ad hoc approach to the process, let automated systems take the strain.


Implemented correctly, marketing automation can send email reminders to customers who registered an interest but never made a purchase. It can also manage redirects, or send discounts in order to persuade the undecided to part with their cash.


Imagine your marketing department was filled with hundreds of bright, capable professionals following your instructions to the letter. Yes, it would deliver results, but the cost of such a workforce would bankrupt your business faster than you can say “Chapter 11.” But by automating labor-intensive marketing tasks, you can deliver results on a shoestring budget — and what CEO wouldn’t like the sound of that?

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