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How To Setup A Google Ads Search Campaign

Login to your Adwords account, and click “Campaigns”. Then click the blue “+” button and select Create a new campaign. Select “Search”. Select “Create a campaign without a goal”. Click “Continue” Decide whether or not you want to include Google search...

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How To Setup Custom Conversion Audiences In Adwords

Paid Search & Display Advertising campaigns are essential to increase conversions! To start setting up custom conversion audiences in Google Ads you first need to Login to your Adwords account. Click the tools icon. Under Shared Library, select...

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How To Create Custom Conversions in Google Ads

Login to your Adwords account. Note: You must have an active Google Adwords account to utilize paid search advertising and display advertising. Display Advertising allows you to reach your audience instantly on their favorite website within the Google...

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How To Set Up Your Google Ads Remarketing Tag

Login to your Adwords account. Click the tools icon. Under Shared Library, select “Audience Manager” Click Set up remarketing. Copy and paste the code before the closing of your tag. If you have followed the previous lesson on setting up your website, you...

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How To Maximize Your Social Media Marketing Success

Social media marketing (SMM) expands your reach by spreading the word about you, your mission, and your product.   It is not as simple as just creating social media profiles and posting content online.  If planned and executed with care and creativity, SMM...

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