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Free Tools For Marketing

Starting a business is difficult, finding free marketing tools is even harder.  Here is a list of marketing tools provided by us at Digital Marketing Web Design.  Whether you are bootstrapping your business on a limited budget or just looking to expand...

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7 Steps To Achieve Success Online

The first step to a successful online business starts with your domain name and hosting company. Case studies have shown time and time again that Linode is the most efficient and best priced host available. Linode offers superior pricing and performance.  Finding a...

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Top 10 Most Searched People in April 2017 and Why

The month of April was beset by political scandal and economic turbulence, both of which are becoming a bit of signature for 2017. With Donald Trump on one side of the globe, with his feet on the edge of the presidential precipice [1] and two major elections running...

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Top 10 Most Searched Cities In March 2017 And Why

[et_social_share] When a major city appears on the news or makes national headlines, it often sparks a surge in internet searches. People want to know more about who lives there, what makes them special, and how such a big story has managed to develop.  ...

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Top 10 Most Searched People in March 2017 and Why

This top 10 list of the most searched for people of March 2017 provides a snapshot of the movers and shakers currently making headlines.   In recent years, lists of the most searched for names and faces have undergone a bit of a change. The usual culprits are still...

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