How I Sell Marketing Funnels And Communication Automations In Facebook Messenger

Marketing has become extremely saturated these days.

Gone are the days of a rapidly growing economy, a blind, widespread consumerist culture (wherein people were in a mad rush to purchase anything and everything… instead, we have entered an age of intelligent consumerism) and hastily put-together marketing methods bound to succeed.

No, these days, if a marketer wants to stand out, they have to be creative, innovative and persuasive.

Having worked as a salesman, I know that in-person door-to-door sales tactics are hackneyed and ineffective, instead, marketers these days choose to promote their products via social media apps. Basically, they knock on your virtual doors now.

But, a marketer cannot individually cater to each and every customer, which is why they adopt messenger bots, the modern-day equivalent of the telephone bot.

And I? I sell the messenger bots themselves! Hi, I’m Dan, a digital marketer and tech enthusiast, and today I’ll show you how I sell marketing funnels and communication automations in Facebook messenger, so let’s get started!

About Me - How Did I Get Started Selling Messenger Bots

About Me: How Did I Get Started Selling Messenger Bots?

Before we start, here’s a little about who I am and how I began selling marketing funnels and communication automation solutions.

As mentioned, I’m Dan. I’m in my 30s and have been a resident of Las Vegas, Nevada for awhile now. I’m a digital marketer by occupation and I also like to experiment with technology and stay updated with the latest happenings in the industry.

Growing up, I have always been exposed to big businesses such as hotels, food chains, even pawn shops, and I’ve also seen hyper-consumerism at its peak, the way business-owners perpetuate it and use it to their advantage.

It’s safe to say that I’ve always been interested in the world of business, marketing, sales, etc. and over time, as technology evolved and consumption patterns changed, people started avoiding, nay, loathing, marketing that wasn’t delivered to them in a digital manner. Nobody likes a salesman on their doorsteps anymore, they’d rather have him send them a text.

Therefore, when I started as a salesman, even though that was a while ago, I noticed that my lead conversions were spectacularly low, just like my fellow salespeople, and, on the other end of the spectrum, those selling by cold-calling leads were getting spectacular results. That I would have to revamp my strategy was written on the wall.

Fast-forward to the present day, and after a series of ventures, most of them successful, some of them… “lessons”, I became a digital marketer, specifically, I started selling marketing tools themselves, and I have never looked back since.

Why? Because the demand for such solutions is high and the earnings are great when compared to the effort involved.

So, without further ado, allow me to let you into some of my secrets. There’s one condition though: don’t tell anyone else (just kidding)!

How To Sell Marketing Funnels and Communication Automations in Messenger

How To Sell Marketing Funnels and Communication Automations in Messenger

You can solve problems for many businesses just by introducing them to your messenger bot.  With a messenger bot, you can help them streamline their workflow, avoid answering repetitive questions, and give them an employee who works 24/7!

Implementing the sale of messenger bots into your existing strategy will help increase your basket size and revenue.

Before I get on with selling my products, I need to have a product in hand, and my products stand out among the rest because of these reasons.

The Type Of Facebook Messenger Bot I Sell

The Type Of Facebook Messenger Bot I Sell

I do not only sell a standardized product. True, I do streamline most aspects of the bots wherever possible (standard terms/words/phrases, etc.), and usually clients are happy with the standard products I have, but if need be, I tweak the messenger bot for them as much as needed, and during selling, I make it a point to mention this service to them.

Gone are the days of impersonal brands which do not know a language other than corporate doublespeak. Customers these days prefer personal-feeling products and services, and my messenger bots have several personal touches, such as emojis, gifs, exclamations, etc.

Messenger Bot

What Facebook Messenger Bot I Use To Sell Messenger Bots

I use Messenger Bot to build and sell messenger bots.

The reason I use Messenger Bot App, is the ability to have SMS, Email, and Social Marketing all in one place without the extra markups. 

When compared to Manychat and Chatfuel, the residual cost could easily go into the thousands per month with multiple clients, while Messenger Bot has a way better pricing system and SMS, Email, and Social, it is much more than just a messenger bot.

The Process Of Selling Facebook Messenger Bots

The Process Of Selling Facebook Messenger Bots

I’m sure you have a kick-ass product in-hand already, so let me tell you how I go about the selling process itself.

It depends on the kind of business you’re trying to sell to. Large businesses usually already have in-house teams that make bots, or have already bought bots for someone else. Small businesses usually do not see an advantage in messenger bots and are likely to pass over, so medium businesses are your ideal target.

With messenger bots, the great thing is, you can show your client the product, even sitting thousands of miles away, so don’t be afraid.

Have them experience your demo messenger bot (make sure it’s your best one!) and as they’re using the product, show them all the places where you could re-label or modify your product and stick the business’s name instead.

Self-interest is the most powerful motivator in the universe, so cater to the client’s self-interest. Show them why the alarmingly-quick-replying “person” on their phone is an essential in the modern world, how they could see an increase in sales within the first month and that millenials/Gen Z, a huge chunk of potential customers, prefer ordering via social media platforms instead of going out/ordering directly from the business’ helpline/website.

Some clients may be turned off by the labeling of your product, thinking that the bot will bear your label at all times. Make it a point to let them know that you can change the label to the business’ label at any time.

A business owner trying out a messenger bot for the first time is not interested in a complex product with features like A/B testing, hyper-conditional logic, etc. Keep it simple in the beginning, the need for complexities will arrive in due course of time. A few simple options with welcoming text accompanied by images and gifs is enough.

Lastly, prepare a comprehensive infographic showing how the messenger bot is likely to benefit the business and convert your pitch into cold, hard numbers.

Conclusion: Taking The Next Step

Conclusion: Taking The Next Step

Almost all big businesses use messenger bots, but some medium- and small-sized businesses are not aware of or are apprehensive about the idea.

Using the tips mentioned above, you can ensure that your messenger pitch to a business is a successful one and they end up purchasing your messenger bot.

There has never been a better time to get started selling Facebook messenger bots.

If you are not sure what Messenger Bot to use, try a free trial from Messenger Bot.