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How Many Types of Digital Marketing Are Available Today?

In my opinion there are three areas of digital marketing, the three I call core or The Three Nos, and The Three Nos are: #1) lack of value, #2) lack of ROI, and #3) lack of support. Having been a digital marketer for a number of years, I am amazed by what happens to market on any given day and how many free-and low-cost methods of online marketing a person can take advantage of. Here are three reasons why the marketing choices are becoming much more challenging and why one must ensure they are on top of their game.

If youve spent any time on the internet in the last few years, youve heard of the digital pyramid marketing model. I think its time we revisit that for todays marketing world. To explain, lets go back to where we started at the beginning.

With digital marketing, were speaking about click for ClickBank or AdSense, sites like Google AdWords, and that old get the most clicks marketing method. Yes, these are all available as free tools for marketing, but theyre actually fairly ineffective, so often are not worth the money, and are rather easy to remove from your site. So, what do we do?

Now, free internet marketing is definitely an option thats worth investigating. But, its highly unlikely to give you much value to your business. It is likely to be worth-less for the long term, and it is also likely to create numerous issues for your business as well. If you are considering free internet marketing, you should be aware that the majority of it is usually inbound links that come from other sites that provide an inferior level of service.

That means they dont have any content and will pay little to no money to get you noticed. They wont create value for your business. In addition, many of them require that you get on their email list, and that rarely works for you. This will certainly cost you time and may create major problems for your business.

Then there are the more popular content generation web tools. These are the ones that provide rich content, along with all the features that you would expect from a blog. This requires that you pay a fee for their services and in return receive a high-quality site with high traffic that you can build up with little effort and many benefits. And, once you have built up a large following, you have complete control over monetization.

I believe that content generation marketing works better for companies, and even the most popular advertising systems work better when combined with content marketing. The reason is that in order to effectively use these systems to produce high quality content, the person creating them must first understand the nuances of search engine optimization (SEO). They have to know the pitfalls of using certain words, as well as the benefits of keywords and keyword phrases.

In order to properly create and promote a new company, one must have enough knowledge to properly optimize content to meet the needs of their potential market. Thats the dog-eat-dog aspect to success.

While the truth is true that most true online marketers must be of sound mind, it does not mean they cant still learn. All of us can learn, but many of us just choose not to. Thats fine, because there are so many available options out there now that its completely possible to learn all the basics to truly effective online marketing.

Company thats designed and produced excellent content are able to get the most out of the systems they build and market. Unfortunately, many people dont realize that, as they seek only to duplicate the success of other marketers, but fail to grasp the nuances of creating such things. This causes a lot of frustrations for everyone involved. There are even some who decide to leave marketing in search engine optimization completely and never really stop until their business hits the top spot, which never happens in my experience.

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