B2B Leads

Login to your Adwords account.

Note: You must have an active Google Adwords account to utilize paid search advertising and display advertising.

Display Advertising allows you to reach your audience instantly on their favorite website within the Google network.


Click the tools icon.

Under Measurement, select “Conversions”.

Click the blue “+” icon.

Select the kind of conversion you want to track. For this tutorial, we are tracking actions on our “Website”.


Name your conversion and select the type of category it belongs to.

Usage Examples:

  • You would select Leads Event if it were a form being submitted that contained lead information, but did not make a sale.
  • You would select Sign-up Event if they registered to be a user of your website or if they joined your email list.
  • You would use Purchase/Sale Event if they are purchasing your offer.
  • You can use the Key Page Event, to track custom conversions like visiting a thank you page or a specific piece of content.
  • You can create customized conversions that track other behaviors and actions taken on a website.

If there is a specific value for the conversion, be sure to enter it.


Select how you will count conversions, counting every conversion is recommended.

Select the conversion window for this specific action. To get an idea of how long it takes a customer to convert, you can segment your reports by “Days to conversion”.

If you do not have this data, then try to gather the average amount of time it takes for you to convert a lead into a sale or try to find the mean of when a user enters your funnel and converts.

Click “Create and continue”.

Click “Install the tag yourself”.

If you have not installed the global site tag, select the 1st option, otherwise select the 3rd option.

Decide how you want to track the event, whether on a button click or page load. In most instances, a page load is what tracked.

Copy the code provided after you select the page load option.

Take this code and if you are using Pixelyoursite PRO you can paste it on the page using the head/footer script section below the content of your page.


Otherwise, you will need to insert it into a text module within your page.


If you are tracking a purchase or sale conversion, be sure to place the code on your thank you page or checkout confirmation page.

Congratulations, you have setup your first Custom Conversion Event!

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