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Optimizing landing pages increases traffic to the business and more traffic leads to increased sales.  When you do not use effective web design on landing pages, you are sure to get high bounce rates and people will be less likely to shop with you.

A marketing campaign needs a landing page devoted to converting the campaign traffic.  A dedicated landing page is only accessible from the link from the marketing content, such as an e-mail.  A landing page is any webpage designed to be the place where a user ends up at after clicking through on an ad or other online marketing call-to-action. Landing pages are usually promotion based.  Be careful though, a cluttered landing page can kill conversions.


This guide will help you optimize landing pages to maximize conversions.

Let’s get started.

Less Is More: Simplify A Landing Page

Cluttered landing pages can kill conversions.  A landing page is the first page potential customers “land on”.  Landing page optimization is utilized to increase page traffic to a product or an offer.  A/B testing can be used to demonstrate conversions and page effectiveness.

Elements Of An Effective Landing Page Design:

  • The Irresistible Offer: A landing page will reflect the attractiveness of your offer.  If the offer is not good, the conversion rate will suck.

Free Access For A LIMITED Time Only

  • Headline: This is the first point of contact, conveys the message of the entire page.  A headline is what attracts engagement with the call to action.

Get the [relevant adjective] Power Of {product purpose} Without [pain]!

  • Graphics: Graphics make it more tangible.  Subtle movements inside of images have the ability to create motion that slows the reader down and draws them in to focus.

  • A Clickable Button: The button should be the very first thing a visitor is drawn to on a landing page.  The color of the button holds psychological influence, some estimation of about 60-90% of human decisions are influenced based upon the color.

  • Social Proof: It is not surprising that social proof increases conversions.  Expert endorsements, quotes, testimonials, and other forms of social proof make it stronger.

Offer a discount or give away something FREE!

Testimonials featuring photos perform better than those without photos.

Landing pages + Traffic = Sales

Your landing pages matter because businesses are converting to digital marketing or using inbound marketing software to increase traffic and sales, but not every business uses web design services.

So let’s take a look at your landing page and ways to optimize it.

Landing Page Optimization (LPO)

  • Pages should be scannable and easy to read
  • Pages should load almost instantly
  • Images should show action
  • Email sign-ups should be visible
  • Tabs should appear at the top
  • Videos and flash should open properly
  • Buttons should be big and bold
  • Social media tabs should be on the side or bottom

But there are a few problems that might need to be addressed so let’s go over that next.

Fixing Landing Page Problems

Landing page optimization can help uncover page problems.  If you haven’t invested in marketing automation software for small businesses, you might want to use the helpful tools to minimize landing page errors and improve page functionality.

Here are a few test ideas to try out.

Remove the actions on a specific page – give it more white space.

If your page is too cluttered, remove some of the items on your landing page.

Action: To create white space, you can remove featured items, and scrolling banner ads.

Test the call-to-action you are using.

When you run a new layout for email newsletters, blogs, and offers on your landing page, test it out to see if conversions increase.

Action: Set up your newsletter, blog, ebook, or offer with a CTA.  Use images showing action, bullet points, and large buttons.  Check traffic for more subscribers.

Change your header, images, and color.

Poor images, bad colors, and small headers turn away traffic.

Action: Experiment with new headers and use color psychology.  Test stock images that compliment your message.  Ensure there is enough contrast.

Try long form copy.

Customers may want to read about your products and services.

Action: Include a short summary of your products/services and a tab to the full article.

Focus on your target market.

Line your messages up with the customer experience.

Action: Create your page around the customer experience.  Let them see the products they are shopping for.  If you are shopping for a new remote and you go to Amazon, it can feel overwhelming to see so much content not related to remotes!

Build trust.

When customers see that your business is reputable, it establishes confidence.

Action: Include customer feedback, antivirus logos, a business license number, awards your business has won, white papers, etc.

Minimize page loading times.

Shoppers are on mobile, meaning load times matter a lot.  Pages that take longer than 3 seconds lead to poor conversion rates.  To improve Google quality scores, reduce bounce rates (when traffic leaves), by removing bottlenecks like excess videos and extra images.

Action: Remove the extra content and test your page with Pingdom or Google page for speed insight.

Optimize your site for search engines.

Search engines prefer sites with optimized pages.  If you are organic – getting traffic through word-of-mouth and social media, optimize your site.

Action: Go to Google to have your site tested for broken links and pages that do not load properly.  This simple test helps increase rankings.

Ultimately, to increase your conversions and optimize your landing pages, it might take a little tweaking and testing, but you will be so glad you did.  With increased conversions you get more targeted traffic and sales!


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