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Top 5 Tips For Creating a Mobile Friendly Website

A mobile friendly website can significantly increase the conversion rate of the website. In fact, most of the marketers realize that a web site must look and work on all browsers, but they dont always give enough consideration to the design of the site. Here are some important tips for creating a mobile friendly website that will work well in the web.

The design of the website must be defined as an HTML web page. Not all mobile devices are HTML-capable. So, instead of using HTML, select one of the more popular mobile-friendly languages like JavaScript or PHP. You can use just the JavaScript version if you need it for interactive purposes.

There are few points to consider when using HTML. First, because HTML is mostly used for websites, the website must have a homepage or the main page where visitors can find the important information on the site. Second, many mobile devices do not support tables, so you will have to upload the content and place it in images, not in text.

Third, if you plan to use JavaScript, then you must use JS for your web pages only. You cant use CSS for the same purpose.

You can use the well-known search engines to check if your site is mobile friendly. If your website appears on the first page, then you will know it is mobile friendly. If the ranking is low, you should go back to the designer and ask for modifications.

Make sure that the design of the site is relevant to the products or services you offer. For example, if you have online coupons, the site should use high-quality graphics, clean codes and fonts. Aside from the design, the graphics and fonts must also match the theme of the website.

Be careful about the images. Mobile devices cannot handle too many images. Make sure that the images you use are used sparingly and without much background noise. Sometimes, images might overwhelm the mobile device and make it unusable.

The great thing about a web design is that you dont have to do much to make it usable by all sorts of devices. You just have to make sure that the layout of the web page and the graphics are not too complicated.

As mentioned earlier, professional internet designers can offer their services. They usually are paid for the output of the website.

At times, you may need to check your website for compatibility with mobile devices. You can either hire someone who is specialized in this task or you can test your website on your mobile device and see if it works.

With all these things considered, it becomes clear that websites are a great marketing tool. So, you should not underestimate the importance of your website.

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