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Top 10 Most Searched People In April 2017 and Why

The month of April was beset by political scandal and economic turbulence, both of which are becoming a bit of signature for 2017. With Donald Trump on one side of the globe, with his feet on the edge of the presidential precipice [1] and two major elections running in Europe, it’s been a busy time for those on the left and right of the political spectrum [2].


It wasn’t all bad news though. Kendrick Lamar dropped a new album, and it is already being lauded as one of the best hip-hop releases in American history [3]. Somebody should ask Kanye West how he feels about that. The troubled star continues to struggle with the media spotlight, and there are rumors that his time as the most famous husband in the world may be over [4].


April 2017 was a busy month, and the best way to get a good look at it is to explore the main players and contributors. These are the most searched for people of the month.


The Tenth Most Searched Person In April 2017

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

Author: Lou Stejskal


Justin Bieber is one of those celebrities who’s never far from the headlines. It is rarely good news. Whether he’s shouting abuse at fans [5], punching photographers [6], or breaking the speed limit, this baby-faced star has a lot of reasons to say…sorry. This time though he’s actually making fans smile. His new single Despacito just shot straight to number one [7].


Beliebers are particularly excited because their icon sings a few lines in Spanish. There’s been no end to talk about how sensual it sounds, and the track is everywhere right now [8]. It is set to be on repeat all the way through summer. The question is, can the Bieber pull off those sexy Spanish phrases live on stage?


Despacito is actually the name of an older song by Daddy Yankee and Luis Fonsi, both of whom are Hispanic artists. According to inside sources, it was Justin who came up with the idea of remixing it and adding himself to the track [9]. Those breathy vocals and thinly veiled metaphors are turning out to be a winning combination.


The Ninth Most Searched Person In April 2017

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian-West

Author: Eva Rinaldi


For years, celeb watchers have wondered about Kim Kardashian. She has one of the most famous bums on the planet, but it always looks suspiciously perfect. There are no blemishes, no marks, and no cellulite. In every Instagram shot, her behind is flawlessly perky and without a hint of tiredness or age, despite the fact that she’s almost forty.


Well, the wheels came off the well-oiled publicity machine in April. For reasons unknown, Kim lost her grip on the paparazzi, and she was photographed sans PhotoShop [10]. The Internet gossips were finally treated to something real, cellulite and all. Over the next few days, the socialite reportedly lost 100,000 followers who branded her a ‘faker’ [11].


She was slammed by the tabloids and journalists made jokes about her body on television, in newspapers, and in magazines. All because she’s a normal woman, with a normal body. Kim later claimed to have been crushed by the cruel comments, but she vowed to stand tall. She even responded to the backlash with a quick quip about her ‘flawless’ beach body [12].



The Eighth Most Searched Person In April 2017

Barack Obama

Barack Obama

Official White House Photo by Pete Souza


Many people were uncomfortable with the news that former POTUS Barack Obama accepted $400,000 for a speech in April. The politician earned the huge sum for a relatively short speech at a health care conference. The problem is that the conference was run by Cantor Fitzgerald, a Wall Street investment firm [13]. For this reason, some believe that it is a betrayal of his ethics [14].


It was starkly contrasted with a speech he gave to students in Chicago just weeks before. Here, he discussed the importance of community initiatives and said he believed his political success is due to shared principles. According to Obama, he became President because people can see that he holds similar values to regular Americans, from normal backgrounds [15].


Unfortunately, many of these Americans are finding it hard to stomach the size of that Wall Street cheque. It is raising questions about what we expect from our politicians and whether those expectations are fair [16]. The Obamas live in a $6 million home. They party with celebrities and earn huge sums for personal appearances. Yet, they aren’t the first and won’t be the last.

The Seventh Most Searched Person In April 2017

Bill O'Reilly


Until April 2017, journalist and author Bill O’Reilly was one of the most successful television hosts in American history. From 1996, he was head of The O’Reilly Factor on Fox News [17]. In 2016, he came out in support of friend and network manager Roger Ailes, after a number of serious sexual assault claims. It was to be his downfall [18].


Within less than a year, O’Reilly would be out of a job and disgraced in the eyes of the media and the general public. This is a long and complicated story, but it started when O’Reilly fervently backed Ailes during his legal woes. He was very vocal about where his allegiances lay and how he believed his friend was being targeted only for his fame and success [19].


It seems very short sighted that O’Reilly didn’t expect news of his own transgressions to come to light. After conducting an internal investigation, Fox News discovered that around $13 million had been paid out in settlement fees. For decades, the pair has been quietly paying off and covering up sexual harassment lawsuits [20]. O’Reilly was swiftly fired from his position.


The Sixth Most Searched Person In April 2017



Author: The Come Up Show


Despite a high-profile breakup, superstar rapper and singer Drake had a very successful April. He was named the most popular recording artist on the planet for 2016. He had the most popular single of the year with ‘One Dance’ and most popular album with ‘Views’ [21]. Things got a little messy in his private life though, and Jennifer Lopez was the least of his concerns.


Instagram model Layla Lace recently claimed to be carrying a child and that Drake is the father. She posted a series of increasingly agitated comments, alleging that the musician had started ignoring her after finding out [22]. Unsurprisingly, the posts have since been deleted. The official word is still that Drake and his team have never met or spoken to Lace.


Some are speculating that there might have been a flurry of ‘behind the scenes’ legal action. Others believe that the model was trying to boost her own career with a salacious story and got all the attention she needed [23]. Either way, people everywhere are talking about Drake, and you know what they say about publicity.


The Fifth Most Searched Person In April 2017

Charlie Murphy


Charlie Murphy at an event to promote his book The Making of a Stand Up Guy in December 2009. Source –


There was sad news in April when comedian Charlie Murphy passed away from leukemia [24]. At just 57, it’s clear that the star had lots left to give. He had just wrapped up filming for an appearance on TV show ‘Power.’ He was due to play a series of stand-up shows and was, by all accounts, working hard right up until the end [25].


Many of his friends and former colleagues have taken this as a comfort. Chris Rock, Spike Lee, Ice Cube, and others have paid tribute on social media to a man who was ferociously funny and deeply family oriented [26]. Murphy began his career in the film ‘Harlem Nights,’ which was directed by his younger brother Eddie Murphy [27].


It wasn’t until he joined the Chappelle Show in 2003, however, that he got his big break. Together, David Chappelle and Charlie Murphy performed a series of now classic sketches called ‘Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Stories.’ They are beloved by fans and comedy connoisseurs, as they affectionately send up music icons like Prince and Rick James [28].


The Fourth Most Searched Person In April 2017

Walt Disney

Walt Disney

Author Boy Scouts of America


Film fans have only just stopped reeling at the news that Disneyland is creating a Pandora theme park, based on the world in the Avatar movies [29]. Now, more details have emerged about the Star Wars Land set to open in 2019. The attraction, which stretches across fourteen acres, is said to be based on a newly invented planet in the Star Wars universe [30].


The designers are keen to stress that it will be very immersive and visitors will truly feel the character of the planet. It is a remote frontier outpost which has fallen on hard times, so there will be plenty of interesting characters to meet along the way. The rumors are that guests will become involved in key storylines while they’re making their way through the park.


There will be rides, of course, and they sound as incredible as the visual designs for the attraction. One of them gives visitors an opportunity to pilot the Millennium Falcon. However, the outcome of the journey will depend entirely on the choices made during the ride. There’s no promise that the consequences won’t follow visitors around the park afterward either [31].


The Third Most Searched Person In April 2017

Kendrick Lamar


By Kim Metso (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

The king is back. In April, ‘greatest rapper alive’ Kendrick Lamar dropped his fourth album, and it immediately broke the internet [32]. The important question is, how has this man got so much talent? Even the most revered musicians are usually flagging by their fourth album. Not Kendrick though. After new single Humble, fans and critics are worshipping at his altar again.


With new release ‘Damn’ climbing the charts and women everywhere fawning over the body positive sentiments in ‘Humble,’ the rapper is looking unshakeable right now [33]. The album is filled with complex biblical references, and there’s a lot to pick at and dissect for super fans of his work. He’s always been comfortable talking about God and spirituality, and it’s one of the things which makes his music so interesting [34].


Lamar is due to embark on a major tour of North America, with fellow hip-hop stars DRAM and Travis Scott as his support. It is expected that the tour will be expanded at some point to take in Europe and possibly Asia. For now, though, the Damn tour will land in Arizona and stop off at sixteen US cities [35].


The Second Most Searched Person In April 2017

Aaron Hernandez


By Jeffrey Beall (Own work) [CC BY 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

There was shocking news in April when disgraced NFL star Aaron Hernandez was found dead in his jail cell [36]. The 27-year old football player was on trial for the murder of Odin Lloyd, having just been acquitted of the murders of two more people [37]. The public was very interested in this story and lapped up every bit of news from gossip sites and tabloids.


However, they weren’t prepared for the final twist. Hernandez hung himself in his cell while waiting for the second murder trial to begin. Due to a state law about dying while under suspicion, all charges were dropped and the conviction vacated. He reportedly left a number of handwritten notes behind for his family to read [38].


Unfortunately, his death is certainly not the end of the story. Already, there are salacious rumors about a secret bisexual life and a record of violent conduct during his short time in prison [39, 40]. His fiancée is refusing to believe that he willingly committed suicide and has ordered an investigation into the death [41]. It looks like this sad tale is set to run and run.


The Most Searched Person In April 2017

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

DOD photo by U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Jette Carr)


It is no surprise that Donald Trump (or ’45,’ as he’s now being called) tops the list of most searched for people again in April. In April, he stated that a major conflict with North Korea and it was very possible and that the US would be prepared to go to war [42].


It comes after a series of nuclear tests in Korea, all of which have been designed to goad the US into action or reaction [43]. Politicians have spent many years trying to figure out what the country wants, in order to try and avoid armed conflict, but leader Kim Jong Un seems determined to provoke [44]. The Trump administration is the first in quite some time to respond with aggression instead of diplomacy.


The situation is very complicated and, while nobody wants to see the US go to war with North Korea, it can’t be said that diplomacy has ever been successful. For decades, Presidents have cajoled, threatened, enticed, and bullied North Korea into giving up its nuclear weapons and nothing has been successful. The chances are that a major conflict would be devastating for both sides and for the whole world, but an alternative solution is proving hard to find.


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