What Are the Different Advantages of a WordPress Website Developer?

WordPress is a free blogging platform that allows you to design your own website or blog on the Internet. The community there is very active and everyone can contribute to the development of WordPress, and new website designs are being published almost every day.

A WordPress website developer is the person who will create your blog, create categories, add and customize templates, add content, and develop a store. They also have knowledge of how to update the site and add on additional features like email notification, blogs, RSS feeds, and etc. Many developers understand the lingo and know how to make everything work together.

In the beginning, WordPress was developed by the free, open source software Foundation, then Yahoo, and now Google. So the possibilities are endless. There are thousands of third party WordPress themes and plugins available and the developers are constantly adding new ones to their catalog.

When looking for a WordPress website developer, find out what type of experience they have in creating websites. Ask if they are familiar with all the core features of WordPress, including the user interface. Most developers have the ability to work directly with MySQL database tables, but sometimes need an additional web host, or need to be able to upload content from a remote source.

A good website developer will understand the blogging community and understand that themes are created to create user and publisher roles. They should also be familiar with add-ons, and development. Most companies offer complete services, from development, to writing HTML, to programming a plugin. If you want to add features like the aforementioned, or RSS feeds, then your website developer will need to be familiar with how the system works.

If you have photos, videos, or rich media (audio, video), then it’s imperative that your developer knows how to use them. The developer should understand not only how to integrate them into your theme, but also know how to upload them to your website. All new development is generally done in PHP.

PHP is used in all the PHP applications on the Internet. The various layers of the application take care of the processing of text and graphics. Before you can upload your images, you must first run a PHP script that converts your images to JPEG. If you’re having trouble getting your images to load, then that could mean you’ve got a PHP incompatible version or an unsupported PHP extension.

It’s important that your web developer know about advanced programming languages, such as AJAX, JavaScript, Flash, etc. as these technologies are used on a daily basis by many users. Therefore, your developer must be able to understand how they work and can implement them into your WordPress site.

PHP scripting and technologies require both server and client side code to support and enhance your website. These languages are used within the database, templates, and add-ons to display data. Some developers don’t understand this, so you’ll need to take them through the basic server side coding to ensure they understand how to do the job.

One of the best aspects of using a WordPress website developer is that they have a database to work with, which makes it easier to set up and customize your site. This will not only allow for a more versatile layout but also enable more control over the site. Using the developer, you can get a blog that looks as professional as any other corporate site, with a lot less hassle.

Once you’re satisfied with the design of your site needs, it’s time to ask for feedback. Check out various forums and see what people are saying about your blog. At this point, you should decide on a web hosting plan and see what the costs are. Finally, you’ll need to find a WordPress website developer that have enough experience and skill to keep your content on the site updated, as well as meet your needs for your web visitors. Look for a web hosting provider that will provide you with a managed server that allows you to install and modify WordPress right on their servers. This will ensure that you always have the latest version.

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