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Facebook Messenger allows you to get so much more out of your Facebook marketing campaigns. But you need the right tools to maximize the functionality of Facebook Messenger. That’s why Robot Chat Messenger Bot was specifically designed to help you create winning Facebook campaigns. Here is a tutorial guide that will help you set up Robot Chat Messenger Bot and use it to run your first campaign.

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  1. Importing Your Account


To start your campaign, you must import your Facebook account to Robot Chat Messenger Bot. Click on the “Import Account” link on the lefthand side of the menu and login with your Facebook account. After logging in, press continue and allow Robot Chat Messenger Bot permissin to manage your pages.


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After logging in, press continue and allow Robot Chat Messenger Bot permission to manage your pages.


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  1. Importing Facebook Leads


Now that you’ve connected your Facebook account, it’s time to import your Facebook followers into leads. You need to click on the “Facebook Lead” page on the lefthand side menu and then click on the “Import Lead” page when the sub menu opens. This should bring up an overview of your Facebook page. Simply click on “Scan Page” button on the Facebook page profile and it should import your followers.


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If you haven’t created a Facebook page for the account you’ve logged in with, the overview will not appear. You can simply go back to the Import Account page and login with a Facebook account with a Facebook page.


Next, go to the Facebook Lead sub menu and click on Lead Group. You want to create a Lead Group for your newly imported leads. This is essential if you plan on adding Facebook leads from multiple pages. Simply click Add and name the group.


Finally, go back to the Facebook Lead sub menu again and click on the Lead List link. You can search for the lead groups you’ve created and create custom groups for more advanced campaigns.


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  1. Creating Your Facebook Messenger Campaign


Now it’s time to create your Facebook messenger campaign. To get started, click on the “Bulk Message Campaign” on the lefthand side menu. This will open a sub menu. You either want to click on multi-page campaign or multi-group campaign depending on your needs. The multi-page campaign will allow you to target leads from multiple Facebook pages whereas the multi-group campaign will allow you to target leads from multiple lead groups you’ve created in the last section.


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You’ll want to start by naming the campaign to keep track of what the campaign’s goals. There will be an option to personalize your message with the first and/or last name of your leads which can often increase response rates. If you want to add a website link to your message, you can use the Paste URL function. Depending on which option you’ve chosen you can either choose the pages or lead groups to target.


You can also exclude certain leads by typing in the name of the person. This is important if you’re getting complaints from certain people. You’ll notice that you can also control the delay time and embed an unsubscribe link to your message. It’s recommended that you click the delay to 0 for a random delivery. Using the same delay time will make Facebook think you are spamming their users. For the unsubscribe link, you can use the one provided by Robot Chat Messenger Bot or your very own.


Before you submit your campaign, check the inbox preview on the top right to see if everything appears as you wanted it to be. You can also send a test message to custom leads to see how the message actually appears. Obviously, you want to send the test message to yourself.


Finally, there’s the option to schedule your campaign. You can send it right away by choosing Now or send it at a specific time by choosing Later. If you choose Later, it will bring up an option to specify the time with the appropriate time zone to send out your campaign.


Now if you want to create a custom campaign for specific leads, go back to the sub menu and click on Custom Campaign. You can click on the “Create a New Campaign” button and compiling your new lead list.


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Congratulations. Now you know how to use the basic functions of the Robot Chat Messenger Bot.


  1. Generating Email Leads and Sales from Messenger Contacts


A great way to generate email leads and sales via Facebook Messenger is to set up an auto reply. To start, go to the “Lead Generator” link on the lefthand navigation menu. Then create a message you want Robot Chat Messenger Bot to reply with on your Facebook page. This can be anything to the tune of “Sign up for our Free report on organic gardening” or “Visit our site for our 20 percent off special now.”


Once you create your post, you want to get the Post ID of that post. You can do this by clicking on the “Get latest posts & enable auto reply” button. This will allow you to see your most recent posts and choose the one to enable as your auto reply.


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After setting the post you want to reply with, you’ll be able to set up various moderation options and name the auto reply campaign.


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If you need to change your message, click on “Edit reply by post id.” If you want to set a different reply, click on “Enable reply by post id” and enter the post ID or simply click on the “Get latest posts & enable auto reply” button again to find the post you want to use.


  1. Other Ways to Generate Email Leads and Sales


There are other ways to generate email leads and actions. Under the “Lead Generator” sub menu, you’ll notice other pages. There’s the ‘Send Message’ Button, Messenger Ad Json Script, and Call to action Poster. The Send Message Button page simply allows you to generate a button for your website users to message you on Facebook. You simply take the code and embed it on your website.


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Then there’s the Messenger Ad Json script. This is simply a promotional ad that you can create for your Messenger campaign.


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Finally, there’s the Call to action Poster. This is simply a Facebook post builder where you design a post to get your followers to contact you via Messenger.


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All of these features are designed to get your website visitors and Facebook followers to reach out to you. And if you’ve created an auto reply, you can use it to lead them to an email subscription page or your sales page.


  1. Integrating the 2-Way Facebook Customer Chat Plugin


Another great way to elicit action from your web visitors is to embed an actual 2-way Facebook chat on your site. This takes away the need for visitors to go on Facebook to communicate with you. Click on the “2-Way Facebook Customer Chat Plugin” link on the navigation menu. This will allow you to customize the chat plugin.


Start by selecting the page, choosing the website the plugin will be used on, and the custom greeting text. It’s recommended that you set a custom text to get customers to login on Facebook if they’re currently signed out. After you create the embed code, you can copy and paste it on your site. But to implement the function, you will also have to download the plugin and install it on WordPress.


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  1. Automating Support with the Messenger Bot


Now you want to play use the Messenger Bot by clicking on the “Messenger Bot” on the navigation menu. This is where things get really interesting. The Messenger Bot can be used to automate customer support and even assist with sales. It is basically a bot that will respond to customer requests based on the settings you’ve created for it. For example, if the customers contact you via Facebook chat and ask questions about how to return your product, your bot to say something like this:


“We appreciate your business. As you know customer service is on the top of the list for us. If you are unsatisifed about your purchase and want to return one or more of the products you’ve bought, you can request an RMA number here by clicking on this link.




Once you get your RMA number, you can follow the instructions on this page to ship your order back to us.




So how would you go about setting up something like this? Start by importing your account on the Import Account page on the sub menu. The process is similar to the first time you imported your account to start creating your Facebook Messenger campaign in the beginning. Once done, click on Bot Settings on the sub menu and then the Bot Settings button on your Facebook page profile. Then click on the Add Bot Settings button on the following page one more time.


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This should lead you to a page where you can build your bot replies. You can reply based on replies to specific posts or general replies. For the purpose of this tutorial, we’ll focus on the Reply function. Start by giving your bot a name. If you want to design a bot to provide product return information, simply label it as so to keep track of its purpose.


Then you want to list several keywords that will trigger the bot reply. For instance, if you want it to provide return information, you would enter keywords like return, refund, money back guarantee, RMA, and return shipping. Then click the template type (most likely text) and create your reply message. After double checking everything, click on the Submit button and you will have built a bot programmed to answer customer requests about returning their product.


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You will also have noticed that there is an option to Add more reply. This is a secondary reply that will trigger if the same person messages you again in the same session. In this case, you might create a second reply to clarify where the customer can find the return shipping address and get a print out for their return shipping label.


It’s important that you use the No Match option as well. It’s very common for customers to ask for something without using your keywords. Mistakes can also be made during typing. If the bot doesn’t detect any keywords, it can provide a list of options for like below:


“We apologize but we cannot understand what you were requesting.


For our latest promotions, reply back with the word promo.


To get information about how to return your order, reply back with the word return.


To find shipping information, reply back with the word shipping.”


You will be able to automate a bulk of your customer support issues and even help assist in the sales process with this amazing feature. The possibilities are endless when it comes to using the Messenger Bot.


  1. Page Inbox & Notification


For some businesses, leads are worth hundreds of dollars. It’s important that these businesses do not miss a beat when prospects contact them. To make sure that you don’t want to miss any messages, you should click on the “Page Inbox & Notification link on the navigation menu. Once there, you should set up enable notification for the appropriate pages and set notification alerts.


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That concludes our basic tutorial for Robot Chat Messenger Bot. Obviously, there are other features in Robot Chat Messenger Bot that haven’t been discussed in this guide. This guide is meant to simply cover the fundamentals to get you started. You’ll learn about the advanced features in our future tutorials. If you need any help with the Robot Chat Messenger Bot, contact our team for additional support. Also be sure to hover over the help icons and explanations to get a better understanding of how all the features work.


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