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Step 1: Secure a hosting environment and develop your website

Find stable, secure, and quick hosting. Utilize imaginative web design to create the ideal website for your business or idea.

Hosting Plans

The first step to a successful online business starts with your domain name and hosting company. Case studies have shown time and time again that Linode is the most efficient and best priced host available. Linode offers superior pricing and performance.  Finding a domain name can be difficult, we recommend using our domain search tool, to find the domain that works best for you.


Due to the complicated nature of starting and maintaining your own server, Linode is recommended only for developers. We offer comparable cost-effective hosting plans with instant activation that are easier to setup for newer users. If you want to host your own Linode server, submit a custom project request and request a quote for setting up a Linode server on your account.


After you have secured and setup your hosting environment, it is time to develop your website!  You can build your own website easily or you can utilize web design services from professional developers.  We typically use WordPress, there is a reason why roughly 20% of all sites that are created utilize WordPress and we do too!


We offer comprehensive web design services that are focused on developing a fully responsive website that is aesthetically pleasing and functions properly on any device.  Our goal is to make a clear and concise website that is designed to increase conversions.  Every website that we create and develop is properly optimized for the search engines to recognize what the website or specific page is about, this is also known as onpage SEO.  We offer a free onpage SEO checker that you can utilize to fix issues on any page on your website.


After you have established your website, it is time to identify crucial events that you want visitors to take on your website and install pixel tracking technology to track these events for you to use in advertising campaigns and finding new customers.

Step 2: Create Your Social Media Profiles

Secure your brand name social media URLs and create your social media profiles.

Social Media Profile Creation and Optimization

It is imperative to utilize social media to grow your brand, it starts by creating your social media profiles.  At the very least you should have a Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, and Pinterest profile.  Every time you create a social media profile for your brand, it presents an opportunity to engage with potential customers as well as make your brand approachable and link back to your website.


We offer all-inclusive social media profile creation and optimization services, that focus on helping you get the most out of your social media profiles.


After you create your social media profiles, you can start posting content from your blog and pushing followers to your website.  You can also utilize technology to post direct from your WordPress website to all of your social media profiles.  You can utilize this technology to post and repost your content, alerts, and updates to your social media profiles automatically.  Submit a custom project request and request a quote for automated social media posting from your website, if you are interested in streamlining your social media profiles and workflow.

Step 3: Video Creation

Create a highly engaging video about your brand.

Video Creation

Developing an informative and engaging video about your brand is a necessary way to engage with potential leads that prefer to view video content as opposed to image or text content.  Digital videos are a proven technique that generate more interest about your brand.  Every video you make can also help you gain valuable links to your website and inner pages.


We offer a comprehensive video creation service that produces videos that are captivating and convey your message accurately.


Your newly created video can be uploaded to your new website, as well as other platforms to gain valuable backlinks such as YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and other video hosting websites.  You can also upload your video on social media for increased exposure and in some cases include it with a Press Release.

Step 4: Create An Email Series

Design emails to get a response from potential customers.

Email Marketing

Before you can create your email series, it is important that you have setup your email list.  Your email list will house all of your subscribers, you can segment them based upon different data parameters or action they complete.


Creating an email series is a cost-effective way to engage with new and existing subscribers.  Email series can be created and automatically deployed to welcome new subscribers to your list, educate them about your brand, get feedback and other crucial data, offer them an incentive or discount, and most of all purchase your products or services.


We offer cost-effective email marketing templates that you can use for your automation workflows and email marketing campaigns.  Every email marketing template is designed to be visually appealing and focus driven.


Utilize your email marketing templates for your email marketing campaigns and creating automated email series.  Do you need help setting up a custom automated email series or email marketing campaign?  Submit a custom project request and we will help you take the next step, strategically.

Step 5: Issue A Press Release

Announce Your Brand and Website To The World!


At this point, you should have a website, social media profiles, created a video, and email series.


Issuing a press release about your brand is essential now and is a great way to increase your brand recognition.  Crafting a quality press release is crucial to announcing your brand to your targeted demographics. 


Typically, you can use up to 5 links in a press release, it is important that each link has a specific purpose and value.  It is imperative to link back to your homepage, and any inner pages that provide value to the press release as well as your social media profiles.  If applicable, attach your video to the press release.


We offer press release writing services that include free distribution when ordered.  We will write your press release and distribute it free to over 100+ news agencies when you order our press release writing service.

Step 6: Begin Advertising Campaigns

Begin to reach potential customers immediately with a strong offer and call to action.

Facebook Ad Campaign

In order to reach your primary targeted audience, you will need to take advantage of advertising. Advertising serves multiple benefits on top of generating sales, some of which include increasing brand recognition, building your email list, and generating valuable feedback.


The best places to advertise are Facebook and Google. It is pertinent to leverage interest based advertising to get the best return on your ad spend. We have services that can help you create the perfect buyer profile as well as interest based advertising campaigns through Facebook and Google.


The best advertising campaigns contain engaging content with a strong offer and a sense of urgency.  After creating your Facebook and Google advertising campaigns, begin to optimize them to lower your cost per lead and sale.  It is important to use negative keywords on Google Adwords to avoid spending on keywords for users who may not actually be interested in your product or service right then.  It is also important to leverage ad extensions to your advantage on Adwords.


On Facebook it is imperative to target your audience as much as possible to receive a relevant response to your ads.  Make sure your ad makes sense to your targeted audience.  Above all else, make sure your website is mobile responsive!    You can employ advertising campaigns to reach users right when they are in transition between browsing and buying.


We offer a wide variety of Facebook advertising campaign services and Google paid search advertising campaign services such as interest based advertising campaigns, conversion optimization campaigns, display advertising campaigns, search campaigns, and remarketing campaigns.  Each one is created to achieve your desired goal while simultaneously opening another revenue stream for your business.

Step 7

Step 7: Utilize Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Expand your link profile naturally by spreading relevant news and content about your brand.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has proven time and time again to generate leads at costs much lower than advertising and other traditional traffic generation methods.  However, utilizing proper SEO can be a game changer when it comes to reducing cost per lead and acquisition. 


The first step is making sure every page on your website has proper usage of Onpage SEO.  This means making sure your meta title and description align with your content.  Use the heading 1 tag to tell search engines what your webpage is about.  Make sure all images on your page have proper alternative text tags.  Do not overuse your targeted keywords and be sure to link out to relevant or authoritative sources. 


We offer cost-effective OnPage SEO optimization services that will make sure every page of your website conveys clearly and concisely what it is about to the search engines.  If you are on a limited budget or want to do it yourself, we offer a free OnPage SEO checker that you can use to identify and fix issues.


After optimizing every page on your website for SEO purposes, the next step is to increase your link profile naturally by spreading relevant news and content related to your industry or brand.  SEO content marketing has proven to be one of the most cost effective sources of lead generation.  It starts by creating a high quality piece of relevant content and sharing it with influencers within your industry.  We offer SEO content marketing services and offsite SEO services that focus on expanding your link profile naturally.

What’s Next?

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What's Next?

Continue to monitor your digital assets, while optimizing campaigns and funnels.

Are You Tired Of Marketing and Lead Generation?

Now that you have completed every step, it is crucial that you continue to monitor the digital assets you have created. 


Engage with potential and existing customers, continue to find ways to increase customer retention. 


Optimize existing campaigns and funnels to increase their conversion rates, you can use split testing to avoid completely changing everything from one test to the next.


Use our free tools for marketing to exponentially increase your marketing efforts!


Find and identify new traffic sources, the majority of people who are making money online are utilizing methods that the vast majority have not heard of.

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